Industry Insider – SBC Digital Summit North America

SportCaller have chosen the SBC Digital Summit North America to roll out our inaugural Industry Insider F2P game, asking a topical ten questions of any SBCDSNA delegate around some of the hot potatoes currently being tossed around North America’s unfolding sportsbook scene.
It’s a bit of quick-fire fun that could set you on the hedonistic treadmill towards that new iPad Pro you promised your partner you could do without. However, just a few days into the conference, it’s also been fascinating to analyse the early responses and see which way the cognitive tide is running in the thoughts of some industry leaders.
Will the NBA 2019-20 Season restart on the 31st of July?
NO 27%

Scheduled to commence on 30th July, a surprising 27% of Industry Insider players still don’t think the season will go ahead as planned. With COVID-19 cases alarmingly escalating in Florida, is the NBA’s Disney World bubble about to burst?

What will the DraftKings share price be at 12pm EST on 31 August 2020?
$30 - $40 50%

A majority of players, some 50% of the total pool, reckon the rampant DraftKings share price is set to stabilise around the $30-40 band. Perhaps that recent 53-page report from Redburn has tempered market enthusiasm.

How many Touchdowns will Tom Brady throw for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their opening game of the season against the New Orleans Saints?
3+ 25%

Only 0.5% of Industry Insider players believe Brady will fail to find the end zone for a passing touchdown in his first outing for the Bucs, whereas 25% think he will throw for three or more. It seems only greener pastures await the NFL’s GOAT. He was due a change of luck!

Which state will take an online sports bet first?

Despite BetRivers launching on 18th June in Illinois, only 43% of players predict that the Prairie State will take a bet ahead of Michigan and Tennessee. Do our shrewdies know something Illinois Governor Pritzker‘s doesn’t?

Who will win the 2020 US Presidential Election?

A mere 26% of players believe Donald Trump will retain POTUS status after November’s election. While the betting markets are also favouring Joe Biden and the Democrats, five Industry Insider players reckon Kanye West might steal the mic and the Oval Office from them both. If he can do it to Taylor Swift…

Collective wisdom, or the madness of crowds? We’ll let you be the judge. That said, as entries for the game have surged into triple digits, with a week still remaining before it closes, the jury remains out. If you haven’t played yet, it only takes a minute. Play HERE to have your say and you could be the one that wins the iPad Pro.