Game Formats – Predictions

What They Are

The cornerstone of the SportCaller business and the basis of the our platform. SportCaller was born out of working with Channel 4 and Sky Bet back in 2014 on their Pick 6 Horse Racing game, which evolved into ITV 7 when they acquired the television rights. It was not until 2016 however that RaceCaller became SportCaller, when we started running Paddy Power’s weekly Hotshot Jackpot game. 

That game was based around goalscorers in Premier League matches, and it was around this time that we realised that all of the core functionalities in Free-to-Play games have common characteristics – question types being one of those core functionalities. We built our platform around the ability to easily and quickly build a game around these question types, the list is endless but some of the more common, and their respective betting markets, are:

Client Use – Examples

1 From 2 – Head to Head
1 from Many – Outright Betting
Correct Score
Winning Margin
How Many
Correct Order