eSports fills the void: SportCaller launches two new games around the NBA 2K Players Tournament for FanDuel and BetMGM

Free-to-Play (FTP) is helping operators to keep the sports-watching public better engaged, with adapted offerings.


The NBA 2K Players Tournament “tips off” tonight, where sixteen top-seeded current NBA players will compete virtually in a single-elimination tournament on Xbox One – with the tournament concluding on Saturday 11th April.


Even two months ago, the idea would probably have seemed like a gimmick – but in the absence of live sporting events worldwide, its live broadcast is likely to generate really strong viewership numbers.


To help client-operators engage their customers with the exploding popularity of eSports, SportCaller quickly turned around two bespoke games for leading operators, Fanduel and BetMGM, with slightly different formats for both.


BetMGM’s offering is a bracket game; players build their best bracket across the entire tournament, with a chance to win a share of $20k. Players can then edit their picks at any time up until the cut-off point this Sunday.


FanDuel’s eHoops Player Tourney is in the format of a traditional Questions Game. Users make their picks for the matchups in the different rounds of the tournament – with $5k being awarded daily and overall.


Scroll through the below PDF for more detail on the respective games:


SportCaller - NBA 2K 20 - USA GAMES_Dedit


Both operators are driving participation to their games via their DFS (fantasy) apps/websites, rather than the more restricted sportsbook accounts.


To find out more about ways to innovate and engage through FTP in the absence of live sports, contact:


There are four separate rounds to the NBA 2K Players Tournament – with the first-round tonight, 3rd April, and the Finals on Saturday 11th April.


Live streaming of the tournament will be available from the following providers:

  • ESPN App
  • NBA App
  • Twitter (@NBA2K, @NBA),
  • Twitch (@NBA2K, @NBA),
  • YouTube (@NBA2K, @NBA)
  • Facebook (@NBA2K, @NBA).


Learn more about The NBA 2K Players Tournament.