5 Steps Towards Hitting Sportsbook Targets in 2020

With 2020 now squarely upon us, all sports betting operators’ Q1 focus is (or should be) on Acquiring new, valuable customers at as low a cost as possible – and ones that they can retain.


Free-to-Play (FTP) games can now be considered a must-have Acquisition tool – and are fully compliant, even in highly regulated markets. Here’s how FTP fits into the full Acquisition funnel and broader Sportsbook marketing strategies:



Brand Awareness is driven by:


  • Advertising
  • PR
  • Content/Social
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC, etc.)

Key Metrics: Share of Voice & Site Visitors




Site visitors are incentivised to register their details via:


  • Free-to-Play (FTP) Games are almost a standalone mechanic in converting visitors to new registrants
  • The industry mainly relies on conversion means as covered below

Key Metric: New Account Registrations




There are 4 main means by which new customers are enticed to place their first bet:


  • FTP Games with contextual and personalised bet prompts
  • Free Bets – the mainstay of the industry
  • Deposit Bonuses
  • Enhanced Prices

Key Metric: First Time Bettors




There are a myriad of methods employed to retain a loyal and highly engaged base:


  • FTP Games are the newest, fastest growing, least costly and most responsible and compliant means of fostering loyalty amongst an active customer base
  • Pricing and Place Terms
  • Money Back Offers
  • Targeted CRM Offers and Bonuses
  • Rewards Programmes

Key Metrics: Repeat Visitors & Lifetime Value




Cultivation of brand evangelists is usually achieved through:


  • FTP Games allow operators to organically drive players into the top of the funnel via Private Leagues, social sharing and innovative new playing mechanics
  • Holding a market leading position in price or offers
  • Refer a Friend schemes offering free bets to both parties

Key Metrics: Cost Effectively Acquire New Customers



See how SportCaller’s games are already helping leading operators worldwide to exceed their Acquisition targets.