Small prizes catching big player numbers: Coral’s new Premier League Correct 4 game already a hit

To coincide with the start of this year’s English Premier League (EPL) season, leading UK operator Coral launched a new EPL-specific Free-to-Play game, Correct 4. And it is already returning great player numbers, only three weeks since its launch.


Of course, EPL predictor games are not new. But Coral’s newly launched Correct 4 has been generating really high player numbers right out of the gate, and one reason for this could be on account of its simplicity and its inclusive, winnable prizing structure.


Correct 4 is a traditional predictor game in that players win prizes if they predict correct outcomes, but it is simplified by offering only four questions – relating to a single specified EPL Saturday fixture.


The game’s breakdown is:

  • Predict all four questions correctly and win £50 in cash
  • Get three questions right and get a £3 free bet
  • Get two questions right and get a £1 free bet


This simplified format that offers smaller, winnable prizes for a single fixture certainly seems to be enticing players to have a punt – but Coral Correct 4 is also being very well promoted. In addition to targeted ATL advertising slots, social media and brand ambassadors have been used to promote it to great effect. And, cleverly, across generations….


Here we see ‘90s Newcastle FC and England legend representing the ‘Old Guard’ with his predictions:


And Love Island and ITV Racing’s Chris Hughes leveraging his 500k+ Twitter following to engage with a younger audience:


All in all, a simple, well-marketed FTP game that seems to be resonating very well with users – only weeks after its launch.


Coral Correct 4 opens every Thursday and closes just before kick off of the chosen Saturday EPL fixture. Play it here.