SportCaller wins big at EGR B2B Awards: Acquisition & Retention Partner – and Innovation Award for Paddy Power Betfair’s Beat the Drop game

It’s great to get industry recognition as Acquisition and Retention partner of the year for a range of high-performing Free-to-Play (FTP) games, delivered through our best-in-class SCore platform. And we are equally delighted to scoop up the Innovation in Sports Betting Software award for the Paddy Power Betfair group’s game, Beat the Drop.


 What the judges said of our two awards:


Acquisition & Retention Partner:

“SportCaller’s business growth in 2018 has been very good. The business expansion has been excellent as a result of fully understanding market dynamics and sets the bar for other contenders.”


Innovation in Sports Betting Software – for the Paddy Power Betfair game, Beat the Drop

“Genius. (I’ve) Not seen a better way of engaging casual non-sports bettors in last few years. In highly-regulated environments, fresh acquisition tools are a must.”


How the innovation of the Beat the Drop game has evolved the FTP format

The Beat the Drop concept turns the tables on the customary operator-customer relationship by giving the customer their winnings up front (up to £1m). Players can “split the pot” or “bet the lot” by backing their judgement across a series of coin-flip questions.


Beat the Drop was initially launched for the 2018 World Cup as Paddy Power’s headline offer on the event – and it was an immediate hit with consumers. Targets for the game were smashed after just one week of the tournament. The client reported that over 50% of the active base had played the game in that time period. This represents unparalleled success when compared to most, if not all, new product developments in any industry.


Despite being originally launched for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, it was relaunched for the Premier League – and has now evolved to include sports as diverse as UFC, rugby, cricket and darts.


SportCaller MD Cillian Barry said of the Awards win: “It was a great night for our company. Deep collaboration with all of our clients, in order to identify specific goals and objectives, forms a key cog in our unique game-delivery process. Nowhere has this been more visible than in the lead we took from Stephen McMeel and the innovation team at Paddy Power for the delivery of Beat The Drop. Winning the award for Sports Betting Software Innovation is due reward for their vision in conceptualising a truly new and unique sports betting product.


“Peer-approved awards like these validate all our hard work in taking sports betting to the next level through the innovation and engagement levels of our clients’ suite of games, not to mention our team’s commitment to helping our partners realise their ambitions through reliable cutting-edge tech. It’s a fantastic endorsement of our platform, and the next 12 months will see that commitment extend to assembling an even broader range of clients, games and possibilities!”