New Bally Sports Trivia app swings into action for the rest of the MLB season

The innovative app is driven by fan engagement as users interact with live broadcast hosts via a real-time chat feature

Bally Sports Trivia is a milestone for SportCaller, as it’s the first game launched in collaboration with our other Bally’s stablemates, namely Stadium (broadcaster) and BetWorks – under the umbrella of the Bally’s Interactive family.

It is also the most technically complex product that we have delivered to date – featuring a real-time chat feature for users as they engage with a live broadcast, currently during Cincinnati Reds baseball games. It has been a great collaborative effort by the various teams to get the app up and running smoothly.

TV promotional spot for Bally Sports Trivia

During upcoming Reds’ regular season games, comedians – and lifelong Reds fans – Josh Sneed and Mike Sause interact in the studio with each other and with Reds former-players. There’s a bit of commentary on the Reds game they’re joint watching, a lot of baseball banter, and interaction with the app’s users as they fire off questions and comments to the hosts via the live chat feature.

 The hosts in turn test users’ baseball knowledge with three rounds of baseball trivia questions, delivered at a leisurely pace throughout the MLB game’s duration. Each question must be answered within a ten second window, so there’s no opportunity for looking up the answers. And there’s cool merch up for grabs each game, such as signed Reds baseball jerseys. Leagues can be formed, and leaderboards are publicly displayed within the app – so there’s plenty of opportunity for bragging rights too.

The game is already receiving really positive comments from users each evening. Early player numbers have been promising and are likely to increase significantly as word spreads among baseball fans.

SportCaller’s Rob Egan, said:
“Great to work with the Stadium and BetWorks guys on this. Traditionally, we work directly with clients to deliver games in keeping with their specific needs. But the Bally Sports Trivia project was new territory for us, working as equal stakeholders in a fully collaborative environment. We are happy with the end product – which seems to be getting a very positive reaction from users.”

The Bally Sports Trivia app is available to download for iOS and Android via the App Store and Google Play Store.