New SportCaller client delivers some mischief to state-owned operator that used to have a monopoly on all Swedish sports betting

State-owned Svenska Spel had a monopoly on all sports betting in Sweden until 2019. Independent operator, Snabbare, recently aimed some cheeky advertising at them to promote their new SportCaller game, TipsDuellen.

Snabbare parked a flatbed truck with a giant iceblock “X” outside the headquarters of the state-owned Svenska Spel, and included this message to Svenska Spel’s CEO, Patrik Hoffbauer:

“Hey Patrik! You can have our X, we don’t need it anymore, TipsDuellen – The game without X”.

So, what does this all mean?

In European football, match betting is typically represented by 1×2 betting options on a particular fixture. (This format comes from the days of the football pools, where 1 = home; x = draw; 2 = away).

Punters would have the option to select a draw in the fixture (an “X”), but as a draw is traditionally the hardest outcome to predict, they would usually back either team to win.

Snabbare’s TipsDuellen game delivers an innovative format that removes this pain point for the player: if they back either team to win, backers of both sides are rewarded with a win in the event of a draw. This new approach greatly favours the player.

So, this is why Svenska Spel’s CEO can “keep the X”, TipsDuellen free-to-play players don’t need them anymore – a draw is as good as a win for them.

Snabbare’s fresh game format with TipsDuellen is resonating really well with the Swedish sports betting public. Their tongue-in-cheek challenge to the former monopoly is also causing quite a stir and is proving a great way to raise the profile of their recently launched free-to-play TipsDuellen game.

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