Leveraging marketing channels to promote user engagement with your Free-to-Play games

SportCaller has a wide range of clients who are already sold on the multiple benefits that Free-To-Play (FTP) games bring in support of their core offering, particularly in relation to low-cost customer acquisition, engagement and retention.


But – as with any product or service – FTP games offer a much better return on investment if they are effectively promoted.


Many of SportCaller’s clients/operators are making excellent use of their marketing channels to promote their FTP games in:


  • Educating users in how to play the game
  • Showcasing how simple and fun they are to play
  • Highlighting that FTP prizes and jackpots are much more winnable than many of their customers might currently think they are

This series of posts will highlight how some of our operators are currently utilising their marketing channels to better-engage their customers with their FTP games – especially for big, upcoming sporting events. And below are some examples that focus on their use of video to do so.


Here we see how sports betting operator Coral makes really good use of golfer Seb Carmichael-Brown to walk users through their Smart Money Series FTP game for the US Masters.


In this Racing Post video, racing journalist and tipster Tom Collins gives his predictions for their FTP game, Lucky 7, for the last day of the Cheltenham Festival.


In this video, Paddy Power pits footballers Paul Ince and Craig Bellamy against each other for their selections for first goalscorers in their weekly FTP game Hotshot Jackpot.


In this final example from Paddy Power, we see how a funny video is cleverly combined with (paid) social media, also in the promotion of their football game, Hotshot Jackpot.


In our next post we’ll give you some more examples of operators’ effective use of TV to promote their various FTP games…