Paddy Power Betfair Extend SportCaller Partnership

Free-to-play specialist launches innovative new game with PPB where every player gets their winnings up front

SportCaller, the free-to-play sports-game specialist, has extended their two-year-old partnership with the Paddy Power Betfair group with the launch of a completely new sports betting product in Beat The Drop.


Beat The Drop was initially launched, to great success, over the World Cup – with targets for the game smashed after one week of the tournament.


Now that the football season is in full swing, the group have launched a new promotion giving every player 30 days of free games. Every player is given a starting pot of £1k, which they must try to hold onto over the course of answering 10 simple Yes-or-No questions.


This free-to-play contest turns the tables on the customary operator-customer relationship by giving the customer their winnings up front. Players can “split the pot” or “bet the lot” by backing their footballing judgement across a series of coin-flip questions.


When they’re feeling confident, they can go all-in on one outcome. If they’re more uncertain, they can divide their fund. Whatever’s left after the 10 questions is theirs to keep as cash.


Should a player go “bust”, they can simply enter another game, as many times as they like over the course of 30 days from when they first play.

In a largely homogenised market for sign-up promotions and bonuses, SportCaller are now offering a third way to market, allowing operators to acquire and retain repeat-customers at a low cost but also to stay fully compliant with tightening worldwide regulation.


SportCaller MD Cillian Barry said: “It’s so rewarding for our games to have been integrated by such a renowned name as Paddy Power Betfair, and it’s great to see that Beat The Drop is already proving its worth, breaking new thresholds for trackable engagement and activity.

“Beat The Drop has been a significant new field of development for SportCaller, taking a very strong idea from Paddy Power Betfair and bringing the concept to life. It’s just the latest star striker from our ever-expanding squad.”

Stephen McMeel, Acquisition & Emerging Products Manager at Paddy Power Betfair, said: “Beat The Drop was an instant hit with our customers. Discernible spikes in activity levels and retention have already followed, with Beat The Drop’s simple format and engaging gameplay giving players an interest in all their preferred matches alongside the chance to win £1m.

“We found that all subsequent paid-for entries also surpassed our expectations. Retention will be at a premium over the current Premier League campaign. So, it’s great to be working more closely with SportCaller’s proactive team to better unpack conversion rates and understand true customer value.”


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